What we do


Do you want to bring a videographer on your next expedition?  I may not be able to compete in a marathon, but I can keep up with almost anybody who’s not in too much of a hurry.  Whether hunting, fishing, or just plain sightseeing, there’s nothing like taking home a video in which you are the star of your own incredible Alaska adventure!

I also provide videography services for weddings, birthdays, theatrical events, auditions, commercials, or just about anything else you might have in mind.  You can count on Alaska Video Adventures to create the absolute best video and audio footage.


Video and Audio Editing:

What are you looking for in a finished video?  Whether using my own raw material or video you provide, I can turn basic footage into a polished finished product, something that will compel your audience to take notice, for your family to treasure forever.

Are there video recordings you wish to have preserved?   I can update video from most video formats and create DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or digital files to suit your requirements.

Alaska Video Adventures can do more advanced editing too, specializing in multiple video and audio source editing and synchronization.  Advanced editing techniques can make a good video look great, and good audio sound superb; it can also often rescue compromised footage (mediocre video and/or audio), an invaluable tool for those otherwise precious heirloom video and audio tapes you would love if only they had come out a little better when they were originally recorded.


Digital and Disc Production:

Where would you like people to see your finished video?  On a phone or tablet?  On a desktop or laptop?  On television?  Alaska Video Adventures can optimize your video to work well in any digital media format.  DVDs and Blu-ray disc production is available too, with custom menus tailored to your video endeavor.  We also produce CDs for musical efforts.  All of the discs we produce are custom printed with artwork unique to your project.

Whatever your needs are, Alaska Video Adventures can make it happen.