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Alaska Wittig Family Blog
Monday, October 17, 2011
A Lonely Blog

Over two years.  That's a long time for a collection of writing to lay dormant, and if this were a writing project it would probably be classified as a dead one, but since there isn't a directed plot line the blog is inherently harder to kill.


The demise of this blog came with our "new" computer, and the "free" mobile me account that came with it.  Sheryl decided to move the blog to the new location, and laboriously copied and moved every entry over, so the new site has all that appeared on this old one.


But there was a problem.  I [Michael] created this blog, and as long as it lived here it was mine.  Then it moved.  It was no longer "my" creation.  A few months later Facebook came along, and all blogging stopped.


And now I've almost stopped booking my face, meaning that I've stepped back from Facebook.  In their relentless pursuit of getting the most people to spend the greatest amount of time on Facebook, the new layers of features added to improve my experience instead became confusing to me.  Why should I subscribe to my friends?  Why do so many of my friends want me to unsubscribe them?  I was also struck by the new ticker, in which I knew at a glace how much time my fb friends were spending there.  Of course, everybody could tell at a glance when and how often I commented to anybody too.


Now, standing back just a little, I know how much time I was spending on Facebook.  Too much, although the same thing could be said of my browsing on many websites.  While it may be true that CNN covers the USA best, the BBC in Europe, and Al-Jazeera in the Middle East, that doesn't necessarily mean that I have to check all three sites three times a day.  Besides news, the ability to stream video on demand draws time and attention.


But throughout this progression of events, this website sat patiently.  Why not?  We never stopped paying the ten dollars a month because we never went to the trouble to figure out how to transfer the name over to the new site.  Maybe this is a better solution.


So, some catching up to do, some forward looking to ponder, and all in good time.  But not this late at night.



Posted at 12:01 AM YDT
Updated: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:00 AM YDT

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 5:11 PM YDT

Name: "Susan Albert"
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Sounds good, Michael. I'll put you on my Google reader.

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